Panda Marie Tea & Coffee


Healthy Panda - Helps with brain clarity, reduces inflammation and promotes gut health.

Sleepy Panda - Helps you relax and fall asleep naturally.

Cleansed Panda - Naturally cleanses the body.

Zen Panda - Helps you chill out and relax.

All are organic, loose leaf teas and can be brewed hot or cold.

Panda Marie Teas are produced locally in Mt Vernon, Iowa.


Day Maker, Cold Brew -  Just place the coffee pouch in a pitcher, add water and magically you have a 1/2 gallon of deliciously smooth cold-brew in 24 hours.

Feel Good Blend, French Vanilla - Smooth and delicious!

Keto Blend - This light-roast is perfect for any healthy plan you are living.

Panda Marie Coffees are all roasted locally in Marion, Iowa.

All coffees and tea are $15