Cleansing and Wellness Treatments

These treatments offer many health benefits. They can help anyone, but are especially good for those suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and recovery.

**Some cleansing treatments are not recommended to those who have diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Please check with your health care professional before you book an appointment.


Ionic Detox Bath

Foot Bath

What is it?

A 30-minute foot soak that stimulates the movement of ions in the cells, allowing for the release of harmful toxins from the body. $66

Health Benefits:

    Slows the aging process, aids in weight loss, improves sleep, clears the skin, relieves pain and inflammation, inactivates viruses and disease-causing bacteria.


Light Therapy

Light Therapy and Salt Lamps

What is it?

A set-up of light therapy lamps and salt lamps are placed around the client in a dark area. A light-only session can be experienced for 30 minutes, or light therapy can be added on to the Ionic Detox Bath or the Magnesium Soak for additional mental health benefits. $20 for 30 minutes.

Health Benefits:

Light therapy can help ease the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and non-seasonal depression. It can also help to increase your energy levels and help you sleep better at night.


Magnesium Replenishment Soak

Foot Bath

What is it?

A 30-minute foot soak that replenishes the body's magnesium levels. This is the most efficient way to absorb magnesium, an element that is used in over 1800 functions throughout the body. $66

Health Benefits:

This treatment replenishes the body's magnesium levels, which can aid many different ailments including: insomnia, joint and muscle pain, poor digestion, and constipation. It has also been known to improve the body's adrenal function, increase metabolism, and regulate hormones.

Cleansing Packages


Cleansing Combo

Enjoy the Ionic Detox Bath followed by the Magnesium Soak. Treatments should be done on different days, however no more than a week apart. $99

Full Detox Session

In order to get the most from the Ionic Bath, it is recommended that clients detox once a week, for five consecutive weeks. Purchase the first four soaks, and receive the fifth soak for free. $264

Aromatherapy Add-Ons

Magnesium Soak

Add lavender and baking soda for extra relaxation boost - $10

Add thieves for extra immunity boost - $10

Add Pink Himalayan Salt to rejuvenate and replenish the body and relieve stress - $10

Add 9 essential oils that make up raindrop therapy for full aromatherapy health benefits - $25

Full Detox Session

Add light therapy to any session - $10

Add accupressure to any session -$10


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